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    Impaired Credit, No SA302s + Self employed ..... will I find a lender? LTV <70%

    Are there any ultra specialist mortgage brokers on the site that I could enquire about a mortgage with please? Problems are: self employed, impaired credit [including old CCJs, one large one is satisfied but credit file not updated, have paperwork], no SA302s .... should I just give up? Have a prospective house lined up, empty, paperwork ready to exchange ..... just can't borrow as far as I can work out .... LTV approx 70%. Can anyone onhere help me or should I just rent and get my credit file improved etc?

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    What evidence of income do you plan to provide?

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    bank statements will demonstrate income and expenditure. vat return info ... no actual certified accounts as such. Have income and expenditure reports prepared by our [chartered] accountant provided up to y/e April 2015. is that any good?

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    Latest two years' accounts or;

    latest two years HMRC SA302s or Tax Calculations, PLUS Tax Year Overviews or;

    Accountant's Certificate stating latest two years' figures.

    Lender dependent. Some want one, some want two of the above.


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