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    Insurance claim, mileage issue

    I have a slight concern. The other day was involved in an accident in the ice. The car was totaled as the air bags deployed.

    Insurance company have been informed and are dealing. However we are worried because our annual mileage is down as 6k. However we have had to do considerably more already and policy renews in October. This is due to having had a sick relative who lives 60 miles away that we have had to visit 3/4 times a week since December, adding about 4.5k to the clock. I have told the insurance company about this, but only after the accident. They have said it should not invalidate the claim... But I'm still worried.

    Any thoughts?

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    Dont mention it.
    Leave it & see if they pick up on it.

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    Already told them. They said they would have checked anyway and its better that I was honest now... But still worried

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    Its an exceptional thing as your normal mileage would be under i'd assume so hopefully they'll give you pretty much what you'd expect maybe taking a bit off for the extra miles driven.

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    I doubt very much if it will invalidate it, at least, not if you've got what might be called a high-street insurer (i.e. someone most people would have heard of, rather than some obscure internet only firm that will use any excuse not to pay).

    Assuming it was just driving, and you weren't doing anything else in the course of that that would violate your insurance Ts & Cs, they may make a small deduction from the payout as standard, or to maybe take into account any increase in premium you would have paid had you specified this higher mileage when you took the policy out. The extra mileage doesn't materially affect the cause or severity of the claim, so if they were to deny it, I think you should complain and refer to the ombudsman if necessary.


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