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    If you're sensitive about noise, don't share walls..

    I see a lot of posts on this forum from people complaining about various types of noise coming from other apartments, townhouses, condos, etc. (All the same in my opinion, some just "glorified" versions of apartments that you own vs. renting)...

    Even though I agree that some things are inappropriate, in my opinion, I think that if you're the type who is sensitive to noise, you should avoid living situations in which you share walls with other people.

    The fact is, even with the most respectful neighbors, there is a good chance that you are going to hear your neighbors around you. In a single family home, you hear what the others are doing in other rooms. The same is true in an apartment, except they're neighbors and not family members or roommates.

    If you can't stand hearing footsteps, music, the television, arguing, neighbors having crazy sex, etc., I'd suggest buying or renting a single-family home. Because, no matter what, you're going to hear your neighbors in this type of setting, even if they try hard for you not to. And guess what? They hear your noise too!

    If you are even more sensitive about noise, like one recent poster here who can't stand to hear garbage trucks or lawn maintenance crews, then you should probably buy a home out in the country, with a bigger lot.

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    Not everyone can afford a single family home, especially in HCOLAs. So that isn't the answer for everyone. Or they don't want to deal with the maintenance of a single family home.

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    My thoughts are you don't know what you are talking about. Your opinion on apartments being the same as condos prove it.

    A purpose built condo is quiet. It is nothing like an apartment. You also have pride of ownership that you don't get in an apartment which can also affect noise.

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    Single family homes are not a solution. Noisy neighbors are everywhere. I've seen million dollar homes in expensive neighborhoods with noise issues--blasting music, parties, etc.

    If you do enough research and find the right place, you can, in fact avoid the noise issue. Or as you say, live out in the country. But the fact is, you can find places to live in a civilized area where people respect the privacy and peacefulness of others. You kind of have to find a neighborhood, subdivision or building where most are respectful and considerate of others. It does exist.

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    That means that you can't afford to be picky about noise, then. Or, if you don't "want to deal" with the things that go along with living in a single-family home (such as lawn care), then you "have to deal" with the things that go along with sharing walls, like noise.


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