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    Found an old account down the back of the sofa

    I was looking at what to do with next years ISA allowance when I was reminded that 10 years back I had a "dabble" with "something" at Interactive Investor.

    Google never forgets and in my Gmail I found some emails from them along with "conversion confirmation" emails from a couple of years back where a bunch of funds were converted to a "clean" class.

    I think I put a couple of hundred in each fund and I think this would have been 2007 as the welcome email is from August 2007.

    They are:

    Artemis High Income I Inc
    BlackRock Gold & General D Acc
    HSBC FTSE 250 Index C Acc
    Invesco Perpetual High Income Z Acc
    Invesco Perp Income Z Acc
    Invesco Perp Latin American Z Acc
    Jupiter UK Growth I Acc
    M&G Nth Am Div I Acc GBP
    Premier MultiAsset Gth & Inc C Inc

    I don't even remember if I put them in an ISA wrapper or not.

    I have a password reset letter on the way from II as they look the best option for my ISA going forward.

    I'm rather looking forward to the letter now just to be able to login and see if I've made any money or not as I believe II will have taken their ongoing fees from the investment(s).

    I'm hoping that I would have chosen to have any dividends/income reinvested automatically.

    Not a lottery win but a nice little surprise that I'd totally forgotten about

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    Password letter arrive and the numbers are 721.71 gain from a 984.82 original purchase of funds in the ISA and 194.05 gain from a 181.35 original purchase of funds outside of the ISA.

    I believe there's a statistic where people who forget about their investments tend to average better returns than those who mess

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    Had a reach down my 20yr old such luck...just a half eaten bag of (lions) midget gems.... a bit sticky but still delicious...just goes to show... quality never lets you down..

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    Turns out these may have done quite a bit better than the balances report.

    I'd literally forgotten about the account and Interactive Investor have never sent me a single letter or email about any sort of update to their fees or charges.

    Looking through some old statements in their portal it looks like they've been selling some of the holdings to cover the fees and repeating that process when the "cash" balance on the account didn't cover the fees.

    I've done a couple of recent trades via II and it appears they don't email you confirmation or anything, which is a little weird v what I expcted.

    Anyway looks like there's at least a couple of hundred quid been sold off which is around 10% of the current balance.

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    Check your settings, I get an email to inform me of new contract notes. Also other emails about T&C's etc. If you don't have enough to cover the quarterly fee it states that they will sell funds.

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    I have, everything is checked. To be fair I'm not fussed as I'd literally forgotten about the account until I did get some random "conversion" email confirmations last year.


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