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    Apple and NUS card discount

    I have a NUS card but I am not a full time student. Will I get a discount for buying a macbook at an Apple store?

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    If you have genuinely got an NUS card and it is valid then you should be able to access the same offers, however the individual retailer may have their own T&Cs such as an institutional email etc.

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    Thanks for your reply.
    Dont all Apple stores have the same terms and conditions?
    The NUS card I have is from an e careers course I am taking. I dont have a university email address.

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    On my account it just says "click the link to go to Apple where the discount has already been applied". Does the same thing show for you?

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    No. When I click on the institution it says that it is not yet eligible for student discount. I know it doesnt work on the online Apple store.
    I was wondering about the Apple retail stores.


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