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    Friend is aggressive when drunk

    My group of friends and I are both in our early 20s. One girl out of the group is normally a lovely person but it's like she turns into a demon when she gets too much drink into her. A couple of nights ago 4 of us went out. She seemed fine at the bar and then all of a sudden she completely flipped and demanded that she go home.

    One of my friend's was talking to this lad. My drunk friend marched over and they were laughing and chatting. Suddenly, out of absolutely nowhere she turned on him, started calling him an assholes, said "f*** you" and punched him. We were all completely in shock and she shoved various people out of her way in a bid to get outside.

    She's a strong girl and she tried to push all 3 of us away from her as we went after her. The friend whose guy friend got punched turned to me and said she was staying. The other girl wanted to stay too. I was concerned about our drunk friend so I chased after her as I would never be able to forgive myself if anything happened to her and I did nothing.

    She ended up going into a kebab shop and despite me trying to calm her down and pleading with her to get a taxi home with me, she refused. She stsrted yelling abuse at the servers and couldn't open the door to get out and started cursing so we ended up getting chucked out. She fell half way down the street and kept trying to push me out the way/tell me to p!ss off and muttering gibberish.

    A taxi came up and I ended up having to haul her across the street, push her in and apologise to the driver as she kept telling him to "f*** off" and saying she didn't want to get in. We got back home and she refused to get out. A random gril rushed over trying to help but my friend yelled at her to get away, saying she didn't know her and cursed at her. I managed to get her into the house where I held her hair back as she got sick and got her into the bed and put her into the recovery position just in case.

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    My other friends arrived home half an hour later and we were discussing how shocked we were. She's been aggressive when drunk before but never violent.

    We were all talking about this morning and she was incredibly embarrassed and said she knows she shouldn't drunk as she's been told she turns psychotic. Anyways, one of my friends made joke this evening about her being strong (she pushed us all out of the way in the nightclub) and my friend flipped. She stared at all of us and said "I hope ye never get in that state and I joke about it." She then stormed out and isn't speaking to any of us.

    I don't know why but am I right to be a little peeved. I could very well have left her and I was the only one that ran after her and made a huge effort to get her home and stop her being abusive to randomers. I understand she didn't want to hear about it but none of us meant any offence. We were quite serious at first and asked her why she got so violent but then we thought we would show her she didn't need to be embarraed and starting joking.

    I would never have left her on her own. Should we apologise to her for joking about the situation or what is the bet approach to take? Thanks in advance!

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    If she gets like this when out, leave her too it just walk away, she will soon learn. you and the others have nothing to apologise for


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