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    Petition to stop QE

    Anyone concerned by the experiments being conducted by various central banks, including the BoE may be interested in this petition, started by Tim Price - a bearish commentator for Money Week:

    Disclosure: I haven't decided yet whether to sign it myself. Limiting the mandate of the BoE may lead to a whole different set of problems down the line. But I do believe that interest rates that are too low and the continued flow of cheap money are not healthy for the future prospects of the economy.

    Of course nothing is likely to change as a result of signing this, or any similar petition, but it may at least force a response from the government.

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    I think the problem is it's very easy to criticise monetary policy, but I'm sure governments and central banks would be thrilled to hear any sensible alternatives ... Without any, it just seems like a lot of hot air

    Also we have to remember, in real terms, rates aren't particularly low ... They reached almost -20% in the 70s

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    QE seems to have been a failed experiment so far, though it might have been worse without it.

    Short of illegal action against all the policy-makers, I don't see how anything will change while QE lets them put off the day of reckoning yet again.

    And yes, anyone with a better answer will deserve to get a knighthood.........!

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    Publicity stunt. Subscribing to Moneyweek is an investment cost, remember?...!

    Remember they predicted The End Of Britain? Successful PR title, got a lot of people worried, Britain's still here....

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    Yes indeed it might. QE is ingenious, and invented in Britain.


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