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    Conditional Job Offer

    A query regarding a conditional job offer. Can an offer like this be withdrawn even though all conditions were met including good references; If so, can I do anything about it?

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    Not 100% sure. But given that an employee can, I believe, be dismissed in the first two years without reason, I imagine that a job offer can certainly be rescinded before contracts are signed.

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    If all conditions have satisfactorily been met then the only thing I can think of is a poor sickness record in previous role
    Are you sure references were good, all dates matched, all qualifications evidenced?

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    you have not provided much information to go on ... but if you were offered a job on "conditions" and those conditions were met but the offer of a job was withdrawn then I think you need to approach the company HR and ask for an explanation as to why they failed to continue with your application ... and if their reply shows any hint of discrimination then you need to report this ..

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    I think that probably depends on whether you've formally accepted, i.e. signed anything from the company (like a contract), or not.

    If they withdrew it before you could accept I would think there is not much you can do, unfortunately. On the other hand I'm not an employment lawyer and it seems to be a bit of a grey area just from a cursory google search. If you can prove there was discrimination involved you could win at an employment tribunal, but that seems to be about it (and I'm not sure how you go about proving it).

    But companies changing their minds and withdrawing offers even without good reason is why noone should hand in their notice in an existing position until they've signed a contract for a new place (not that I'm saying that's relevant here, just a general comment).


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