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    the quest for the perfect portfolio

    is bogus. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and what an indexer wants and what *I* want are miles apart.
    No problema. IMO, what truly matters is consistency. Find what fits your comfort zone and invest accordingly. Decide what performance goals you want to meet and/or beat and periodically track it.
    A few links you might find helpful:

    Those here that know me know that I am a great experimenter. What I've learned as I've experimented, invested and argued --er, discussed-- with other posters is that even the worst allocation plans perform fairly decently if their owners are:

    • diligent in monitoring their portfolio's progress;
    • recognize when a particular investment is undermining the portfolio's performance; and
    • willing to actually make changes as needed even if they are NOT 100% certain of the outcome.

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    Based upon what the Investor feels comfortable with?
    and per interperation?
    That's the real problem!

    Unless your a CRAMER or Warren Buffet or a Top 10% Trader?
    The rest of us Have No Idea what the perfect Portfolio is
    other than?
    1. It Makes More than the Equity markets by at least +2%
    2. It Looses? Nottin Honey ! in any kind of Markets !
    But that doesn't mean, one shouldn't keep trying !
    He who takes No Chance, Never Succeeds at Anything nor makes any new Discoveries!
    and in many cases? Its Right under our noses or Plain as Day, hidden in that Forest
    and The USA, Wall Street and the Whole investing Industry Cannot afford to Have the Perfect Investment Portfolio !
    Too many would loose their Jobs, Businesses and Futures
    Just like The perfect Gambling system to Beat VEGAS
    If it were created, Like in VEGAS? It would be Banned!
    Figure out the perfect Lotto Betting system
    and see how long that would Last, let alone be allowed..
    It would Put it OOB until they reconfigure it and Change the Rules..

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    My thought would be that the perfect portfolio would be the one that produces the returns an individual investor wants over that investors time period with that investors resources. There must be an infinite number of approaches to putting that perfect portfolio together. The key may be that the individual investor needs to know him/herself and know what they are doing.

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    The perfect portfolio is the one that gets you to a comfortable retirement while letting you sleep at night.

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    The Boglehead 3-fund port of VTI+VXUS+BND is as close to perfection as one can get.
    If Vanguard would cut the ER of VT in half, then the 2-fund port of VT+BND would be the perfect port.
    Both ports will beat 99% of all other comparable ports over the long term.


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