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    Crimestoppers UK

    Have many posters used crime stoppers to report a crime? If you have what was your experience while using this service?
    I am asking for a very good reason & I have reported to crime stoppers via email regarding a crime 4 times..Not once have I heard anything back not even a reply acknowledging my concerns.
    I have recently spoken to a close friend who is a social worker, She actually contacted myself asking if I had come across this problem,..Which is the very problem I have mentioned in my email to crime stoppers.
    I want to remain (Anonymous) For my own reasons,
    But I am starting to think it is just a waste of time contacting them.
    Are there more people having the same problem as I have found?
    Thank-you- in -Advance.

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    Can you be more specific?
    Your friend, a social worker, called to ask if you'd come across this specific problem.
    You had, and had contacted Crimestoppers, but not her?

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    You can't give info to Crimestoppers via email, do you mean the online form OP? If so did you answer Yes to Question 9 - Can we keep in contact? If you did answer Yes then you can use your anonymous login and see if they need any more info, but if they don't then you won't hear any more. If you answered No then obviously you won't hear any more.

    If you are a victim of or have been affected by the crime you are giving information on, call Victim Support on their confidential Supportline:

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    Yes, unless you chose not to remain anonymous, you are not going to have any further communication from them. That’s kind of the point.

    And yes, the police do investigate reports from them all the time.


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