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    Open credit card reported as closed?


    A relative of mine is on a self-managed DMP with StepChange assisting where necessary.

    Some creditors have agreed to write the debt off (based on medical & financial circumstances). One creditor (John Lewis) refused to write the balance off earlier this year. However, I have checked his Noddle & ClearScore files, and both of them are showing as the John Lewis account as closed and a balance of 0 as of 2016. This doesn't seem correct as the outstanding balance is in the thousands and at no point have we received anything from JLP to state that they would be closing the account. We have only been told that it has been defaulted (as have all the other credit cards) and that their Bad Debt Department was managing it. The relative has been making a token payment of 1 for over 2 years towards them.

    I just called StepChange to ask what we should do in this case, and they just said to query this with John Lewis as if it is being reported to the CRAs as an incorrect entry, then they will need to update it.

    I didn't even know that an account could be reopened on a credit file. Does anyone have any advice on what to do in addition/instead of calling JLP?

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    The account is showing as closed.
    The balance is 0.
    What is the problem? What better could you ask for?

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    I completely understand and appreciate your POV. However, I am confused as to why JLP have continued to pursue the outstanding balance, have never informed us of its closure and what may happen if the token payment stops.

    Edit: I did not make it clear in my first post that a token payment has been made since 2015 and is still being made.

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    They may have passed the debt onto a collection agency

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    Phone and ask then


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