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    Best foot forward?


    Looking at the best way to proceed with something really. Been having a good sort out with some of my financials really. I’ve got a c/card with circa 2k on it which is like to wipe off and start a fresh Either with a new card where I won’t be paying interest or using a small load to cover it and start again with a zero% credit card for purchases.

    Everything else financially is absolutely fine so won’t have any issues when applying for anything.

    I’m just wondering what would be the best way to proceed to clear this so I’d be paying a fixed number for around 30-36 months. Would it be a credit card and transfer the balance over or a personal loan.

    I’ve seen some credit cards with 0% balance transfers and new purchases for 30 months. I’m just unsure if that means I’ll be paying 0% on that balance for the duration.

    Any advice would be much appreciated as I’d like to try and put this to bed this weekend.

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    Transfer it to a 0% card then make as many payments as you can over the term of the offer.

    You will have to pay min balance every month though

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    So is your plan to clear the existing card with a loan and then spend on the new card and build up more debt??

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    Sorry, I should have been a bit more detailed with this. Anything. New I would put into a credit card would simply be works expenses for high would then be claimed back. Therefore no plans to put any “new” debt onto it. Just to pay off my existing amount at monthly set amounts and use as above when needed.

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    Ok, that sounds fair enough.
    In which case a decent balance transfer card is almost definitely going to be cheaper than a personal loan.

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    Get a BT card and put your purchases on a separate card, clearing in full each month.


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