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    "Help to Save" who is eligible and how do you open one?

    Starting a new thread so as not to take this thread off topic

    I mentioned there I could not find anything about "help to save" on this forum. All I have found so far is

    But that is not very helpful. it says
    "The scheme, administered by HM Revenue and Customs, will be open to UK residents who are:
    • entitled to Working Tax Credit and receiving Working Tax Credit or Child Tax Credit payments
    • claiming Universal Credit and have a household or individual income of at least 542.88 for their last monthly assessment period"

    Well I get child tax credits but earn too much for working tax credits. Do I still qualify

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    If you can ignore all the usual stupid comments there's some useful info on this thread,

    If you click on the "Get Deal" link it takes you to a reasonably useful page on and at the end of the pages you can open the account there (you will need your government gateway details or can get them as part of the process in a few minutes, worked easy for me less than 5 minutes)

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    If you click the second link you posted it says it will be rolled out for all in October 2018 and you will be able to apply then.

    Its a waiting game, if its not pulled/changed before October, just like other things run by government.

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    Thanks for the replies. A link to apply and check eligibility is here

    I have just checked and although I don't get working tax credit, only child tax credit, it still says I am eligible.

    Since tax credits are worked out on a "per household" basis, does that mean you are limited to 1 account per household, or can my wife also open one?

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    Why don't you just get her to do what you have just done? That will give you a definitive answer.

    But my money is on her being eligible.


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