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    The new WAGs - Worried And Guilty

    In my pension planning I didn’t expect that i’d Still be worried about supporting the last two kids after UNI but it seems that I am fretting a lot. They are still at uni but I’m worried about their prospects after in terms of income and where they will live. Also feeling guilty about parents (mine have passed) but will we have enough to help MIL through health difficulties. May never retire early at this rate - thought it was our income I’d only ever have to think about.

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    I did read an article, somewhere, a long time ago, that the only people who worry about student debt are the parents.
    If theyre studying degrees in proper subjects i.e. not history of Peruvian clock making, they should be fine.

    As for MIL hmm! Different story and really not in any place to comment

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    Their subjects should get them something I’m sure but there is a lot of responsibility on them nowadays and it is harder to get a job with a degree now than when I was 21. One of them I fear has put a lot of faith in the ‘system’ when they don’t realise it’s not joined up.

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    I know I know but that’s the worried bit I am going through. The last two are still the babies it is hard seeing them struggle but we can’t just keep stepping in otherwise they won’t learn to fly.

    I’m from a poverty stricken background and that amount of student debt at their age would have prevented me from going to uni ~ the psychological barrier would have been too great. I had seen how my parents had lived on credit and it became an endless cycle for them just to keep food on the table.


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