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    Don't usually deal with the washings. Pump and Drain?

    I have one under-armour top that I put in on its own as normal when part of a full wash it's the only thing soaking wet. While at mums for a visit I've popped in an and see if after the 35min.

    My understanding is that it will help without the need for a dryer something I don't do with the under-armour in case of shrinkage. Would rather pop on clothes horse as don't need it until tomorrow.

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    sorry but your post makes little sense.

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    If you Gugle under Armour Care there seems to be quite a lot of advice available (even a U2ube article).

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    Didn't me either until CRTHD mentioned it existed.

    I think the advise being sought is--is it best to spin and drain and leave to dry normally on a horse.

    I don't know the clothing in question so don't know.

    But I would have thought if not sure, hang and dry or lay flat and dry.

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    Ah, in that case I dry my Under Armour tops in the airing cupboard, not in the dryer though instructions say that you can use a dryer on cool setting.


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