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    Money Per Week!! (at Uni)

    Okay, so I can imagine that loads of people have and will ask ask this. But how much money per a week will I need for: entertainment, pubs, FOOD and other bits and bobs?

    Note - To live comfortably

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    Depends where you go to uni. London is a lot more expensive than Aberystwyth. We give our kids 90 a week for food and entertainment - in London and Bristol. The other child got 80 in Nottingham but that was three years previously. They walk to uni or cycle and then they have to learn to budget. It is enough money for a couple of nights out a week. We do buy them books on top. They buy second hand clothes from charity stores or on ebay or in the sales.

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    I have less than 30 a week and i manage. I dont have many luxuries though

    I think 50 would be more than enough for me a week but then it depends what you want to spend it on.

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    Depends where you go to uni firstly!

    I'd say 60 is 'comfortable'v

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    Food- 20pw should be enough. Nights out can be anything from 5 depending on how much you drink before hand, whether you can walk or need to get a taxi, club entry e.c.t. Uni students typically don't go to the pub that often except maybe the uni pub as the cost of alcohol in a pub can easily add up.

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    Really? That seems quite low.


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