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Thread: Old age pension

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    Old age pension

    Hello I am 60 my wife is 58 I work full time as does my wife. When we retire will we both be
    entitled to a full pension. 140 each or will it be a married couples pension which I assume will be less. We have both worked all our lives and easily qualify for the full pension.
    Thanks for any advice/help Morris

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    Register with The Pension Service and they will tell you how much you will get and when.


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    Jeffian's advice will get you the most accurate prediction, but until you have those figures, it seems likely that if you have both paid full-rate stamps for the whole (or nearly the whole) of your working life, you are both entitled to a full state pension (basic, flat-rate version); as for any additional state pension, this will depend on your individual company pension status, since you may have been contracted-out, or not!
    Do check with Jeffian's web page link as soon as you can.

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    Thanks for the replies very useful

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    why not get a free state pension forcast for you and your wife.
    To get a state pension forcast, contact the retirement pension forecasting team on
    0845 3000 168 8am to 8pm & 9 to 1 sat. you will need your national insurance number,
    you will receive a reply with all predicted information on what you will get at retirement age,
    excluding changes between now and then, good luck


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