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    Can You Avoid Payin Interest On A CC Once 0% Ends?

    I have only ever had credit cards with 0% interest on purchases then when the 0% ends I make sure they're already paid off.
    I'm wondering if, once the 0% period ends, you can pay by direct debit clearing your balance each month and avoid paying interest or would waiting for a direct debit to take the money always mean you'd pay interest?
    Hope that makes sense. Thanks.
    (I'm wanting to keep 2 direct debits active so that I qualify for rewards with my current account.)

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    If you clear in full each month, you'll pay no interest.

    A DD is the easiest way to ensure that the full amount is taken on time.

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    As zx81 says, paying in full by Direct Debit each month would generally enable you to avoid paying any interest.

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    Just a small note of caution to check the terms of the card though, as up to 56 days interest free, though common, is not an industry wide thing. TSB's Advance Mastercard for instance has no interest free period at all on any transaction outside of a three month introductory offer.


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