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Thread: Sainsbury loan

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    Sainsbury loan

    Hey everyone

    Applied for a sainsburys loan last Friday afternoon. Was approved at a rate of 5.7% and the paperwork arrived with me on Saturday! Signed and sent back to them straight away and they received my completed form yesterday and transferred the funds around 3pm yesterday

    They advised me it is usually 3 days for the bank transfer to appear in my account but has anyone ever received funds from them in under 48 hours?
    Just want to hear thoughts on how quickly other people seen the money come into their accounts

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    They always advice the worst case scenario, as if they tell you it'll take 3 days and it takes less, happy days.

    if they said it'll be 24-48 hours and it takes longer, it'll make people unhappy.

    Most use Faster Payments to send the money and nowadays, once they hit the transfer button, you get it that instant. If not, BACS is 3 day clearance.

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    Thanks for the reply!

    Was secretly hoping it would be in my account today or tomorrow so that I could get my new car for the weekend

    Currently using my sisters car as sold mine last week for the deposit.


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