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    Fund Performance

    I'm thinking about opening a SIPP with HL and investing in their Multi-Manager Income & Growth Trust.
    The illustration of costs on their website is based on an investment of 5k, is it as simple as multiplying up if i am looking to invest say 30 or 50k?
    Also, how easy is it to withdraw cash when i need it?

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    Why? Do you like paying charges? You would be cheaper sticking with a provider like L&G (who you are already with). Even Phoenix is cheaper. An IFA would be cheaper too.

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    you would have to place the fund into one of the drawdown methods. That does have consequences but if you are ok with those then it relatively simple. A bit more work than an ISA and with tax consequences but no real blockers.

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    My other option is to do just that, stick with L&G as the costs are so low and transfer in my Phoenix funds.
    Unfortunatly L&G wont let me do this directley as the funds are 'with profits'
    If i use an IFA to do this the cheapest quote i have had is 1000.
    My other thought was to transfer to a SIPP then transfer to L&G

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    Which is fine. However, your AMC could be around 0.39%. Compared to 1.76% which is the HL charges.

    So, if you had 100,000 (i cant recall what yours totalled) then 1.76% p.a. is going to cost you 1760 in year one at HL. Whreas an IFA would be 1000 for the IFA and 390 for the product/fund. Total 1390 in year one then much cheaper annually after that.

    I am not saying an IFA is the right option for you but you cant focus on just the IFA advice charge in isolation. As you can see, in that example, an IFA is much cheaper than the DIY option you are looking at.


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