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    I'm going to be filmed for a television show...

    but this is the first time I have been filmed since I was a tiny baby(for a segment on This Morning back in'98) and i'm so nervous. Does anyone have any advice? It's for a documentary so I really cannot laugh. Does anyone have any advice apart from imagining that everyone is naked because it doesn't work for me.

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    Just be yourself. Can you tell us any more then. What's the doc about?

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    I do a lot of telly work. Just be yourself and relax. Everyone is there for you and to work with you. You'll be fine.

    Imagining folk naked in this environment won't help. I doubt it really works in interviews, either, to be honest...

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    I don't think I can say too much but they're coming to film my pets. I'll probably do an announcement when I can say. Probably if it makes the final cut.


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