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    Getting Rides After Anesthesia?

    Following surgery or medical procedures involving anaesthesia, clinics and doctor's/dentist's offices want you to have someone you know drive you home and stay with you. But this isn't practical in all cases for me, since I have no relatives in the area and the friends I have are working during the day (I'm the only one retired); I belong to a church but it's 40 miles from here (and I'm not changing churches just to get rides).

    I've thought of getting an Uber or Lyft ride to and from the surgery or office, but that doesn't fill the "requirement" that it's someone you know who can stay with you after the procedure. There is a city service offering rides for older adults locally, but it's clear they don't want to give you a ride if anaesthesia involved (presumably for legal reasons).

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    Previous colonoscopy procedure was about 30-40 miles away and the GI doc's office contracted w/ a taxi to pick me up and take me home. There was no post -procedure monitoring on the taxi driver's part. She dropped me off and I tipped her and walked into my house (Florida).

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    I am unaware of any such requirement. Moreover, even if the hospital wanted to make that a requirement, it would not be enforceable.

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    Says nothing about post-procedure monitoring. Here's my doc's site:

    Secure a driver before your surgery
    IMPORTANT: For your own safety and protection, you will not be allowed to drive a motor vehicle immediately following your procedure. Please make arrangements to have someone bring you to and escort you home from the surgical center. Verification of the driver will be made prior to any procedure requiring sedation. Your surgery will be cancelled if you fail to have a responsible driver to take you home.

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    I had to have a heart cath. I had just moved into an Over 62 community and knew none of my neighbors. I have ZERO relatives and what few friends I have left are scattered and have their own disabilities, such as difficulty driving because of poor vision, etc. My doctor's people were no help whatsoever, and they actually shamed me for having nobody to help.

    Sand&Salt is correct: Taxis won't pick up someone after anesthesia. I don't know about Uber and/or Lyft. I've never used them and don't have a smart phone, so I have no way of using them.

    It was a horrible experience for me. I finally found a half-blind guy from the complex I used to live in who agreed to pick me up and take me home.

    Where I now live, I've taken and brought home my next door neighbor at least 10 times. I finally told her I couldn't help her anymore because I'm now on oxygen and can't lug the equipment around easily. BUT...the one time I needed help, last summer when I couldn't breath, she and I sat on the porch and talked to EMSA trying to decide if I needed to go to the hospital. I said to her, "If I go, will you pick me up and bring me home." She said she would. Well...guess what! She has a flaky part time job that's on call with no schedule. Sure 'nuf, she got called to work the next day, and went without bothering to call me to see when I needed her to pick me up. When I called her, she couldn't come and pick me up. I hadn't had anesthesia, so a taxi was no problem, but it cost me $30. Lord, I despise people who use and use and use but aren't there the one time you need them.

    It's extremely worrisome. The medical community couldn't care less. I have no advice for the OP. You'll just have to find someone. Pay a stranger. I don't know. I even contacted my local senior services people and they couldn't help.

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    Do a google search for nursing assistance services in your area. Such as this

    I used one of these assistance programs earlier this year when I needed to have someone drive me to and from a procedure. They were not required to stay with me after taking me home.

    You also might be able to find some one in your neighborhood or community who could provide this service by asking for it on or searching the businesses that are already listed there for your community. Not every community is active on but mine is very active.

    Your state Health and Human Services Department may also be able to connect you with service providers such as this:

    Search for a 211 service provider in your area. Call 211 or visit their website to connect with service providers in your area. For Texas the website is


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