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    Pros and cons of double sided fireplaces

    One listing that caught my eye has a double-sided gas fireplace. It's built in the middle of a wall that divides the dining room from the family room.

    It looks intriguing and I like the idea of having something different. But the practical side of me wonders if these things are rare because they have problems. Anyone out there have one, and if so what are some issues to consider?

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    They are rare because traditional fireplaces are up against an outside wall and in the middle of the room wall.

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    The most common problem I have heard of is that they can be more likely to leak smoke into the room since there is no backing. It's a design that just has that potential, so it becomes something that sits unused in the middle of two rooms that could be opened up ... or walled off for complete privacy.

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    If that's the only issue, woo hoo we have a new house I like! I was concerned there might be problems with smoke or inability to heat a room as well.

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    Piney, many of your threads about design and function might be better served in the House/Interior Design & Decor sub forum.


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