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    MBNA Phoned Work

    Hi All,

    I applied for an MBNA card, on the application it asked me who my employer. The next day MBNA called my work up to speak to me. They ask me to provide general info like address and dob.

    My question is, is this a norm for credit card companies, why couldn't they just phone my mobile which I had provided to them instead of phoning my work phone. (I didn't even give them my work phone number just my employers name).

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    Seem pretty obvious that they were checking you actually work there.

    Edit to add: No it's not the norm (at least never happened to me!) so it's either a random check thing or something made them suspicious.

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    so what about employees who can't be reached through the switchboard.

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    They weren't really bothered about talking to you. A "never heard of them" or "they're not available" would have been enough to tell them whether you were employed there or not.

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    Not really. The company I work for has over 4000 employers and several locations. I am pretty certain that about 99% of the employers have never heard my name.


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