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    Anytime Fitness Debt Collection Threats

    Firstly I hope I am posting in the correct place.

    Basically I signed into a 12 month agreement paying 30 a month.

    After 6 or 7 months I began suffering from depression and struggled to leave the house. This meant I didn't use the gym and I kept calling in sick to work, didn't really go to work and then left my job because of it.

    This meant I couldn't afford the membership anymore so I cancelled the DD.

    Had a phone call this morning from a Liverpool number and the company are called Daniels Silverman, trying to chase up 502!!!

    I asked for a breakdown of this and they said it was 12 x 30 (so the cost of a 12 month membership) PLUS costs inferred chasing the debt.

    I think this is unfair to charge this amount because I payed for 7 or 8 months so why are they trying to claim the whole 12?

    If I contacted the club and explained that I suffered from depression and thus wasn't able to work, leave the house, speak to anybody or even tell anybody about my mental health issue do you think they would be willing to cancel the debt?

    I have recently began to overcome the depression and managed to acquire a job and I feel like I would be able to start training again. (Anxiety was also a factor in keeping me home bound) and I think if I rang the club and spoke to the manager they surely would be understanding and possibility just let me start paying monthly again so I can use the gym? I loved the gym but just couldn't get out of the house and this can be shown as for 2-3 weeks before I cancelled I didn't visit the gym once!

    I cannot prove that I had depression as I didn't seek professional advice as my dad is a therapist and Mum a nurse. But I kept it all to myself anyway, didn't tell anybody. I simply cannot afford to pay 502 as a 19 year old lad who has suffered severely from depression and I just want to get myself back on track again in terms of my career and my personal life.

    Any advice would be great.

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    You need to check whether you've made 7 or 8 payments. If 7, then you owe 5 x 30 plus max 30 collection costs, i.e. 180.

    Ask them (in writing) to give you an itemisation (in writing) of what you owe.

    Don't talk to them on the phone

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    I would call up anytime fitness direct. They will probably state you owe 5 months i.e 150 and you can speak to them to arrange payment . The other company act on behalf and will add an extortionate fee on to you.
    Ignore the company that called you and speak to the club direct, I cant believe they haven't contacted you before though , as the debt recovery company are normally last resort as they have to pay a fee to them

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    If anybody is in a similar situation and being chased by these... message me for how to deal with this.

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    I'm in a very similar position due to health reasons, I've also recently moved house to discover I still have to stay with anytime fitness because there is one 8 miles away (I don't have a car so this is so it would take me an hour just to get there on public transport). Haggard66 I would really appreciate your advice on how to get out of this. Thank you!


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