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    Amex Platinum and Gold

    Please can you talk to me about how you benefit from the Amex Platinum and Gold cards? I’m debating whether to take the Platinum then cancel and get the Gold after 6 months after getting the bonuses or vice versa. Maybe you keep both or don’t recommend one over the other?

    I’ve read the Head for Points website which is invaluable, but I think what is stumping me is that the Gold seems more generous for collecting points which I think is crazy seeing as the fee for Platinum is quite a lot!

    I hope that’s okay, I know there is no real question there but I just want to build up an idea of which is better to rack up the points with (currently am using the free BA Amex) so would like to hear stories on how they benefit you.

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    Can you not get the Gold, get the intro rewards, then upgrade it to the platinum to get the intro rewards on that card?

    There is an article on Head for Points which covers this if I recall correctly.

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    I've just had the Platinum Everyday Cashback for the last 2.5 months got a second card for my wife. Hit the min cashback pay out limit (3k) and referred my wife. That's 135 on money we would have spent any way! Now my wife has signed up and I have a second card. Though not sure the next move to make after this....

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    The Platinum charge card fee is excellent value if you use a lot of airport lounges and value them, if you hire a car regularly (CDW cover), if you use their hotel friends (e.g. Free Hilton breakfast for two every stay).

    Worldwide travel insurance too.

    If you only travel a couple of times a year, less so.

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    My advice would be to start with the Gold, and if you want to then upgrade to the Platinum later.

    The PRGC has some excellent benefits. Double points on any airline spend (Even RyanAir!!), triple points on bookings made online through Amex Travel, and two free lounge passes.

    I think you can get a bonus if you want to upgrade from Gold to Plat later. Don't think this would apply the other way around, is it would be a downgrade.

    And if you have a partner, refer each other and double up on points.


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