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    Refused Limit Increase But Won't Say Why

    I've had my current credit card for 2 years and want to book a holiday that would take me over my limit. Most of my monthly expenditure is by credit card and I pay off the balance every month by direct debit. I have never defaulted on a payment. My Experian credit score is 999 (the maximum possible).

    I applied for a credit limit increase and was refused BUT my main issue is that they will not tell me WHY because of the "sensitive nature" blah, blah, blah.

    What is so sensitive about telling ME why they won't increase MY credit limit?

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    Because their lending criteria is commercially sensitive.

    Also because the call centre won't know why.

    Your Experian score will be of no interest to them.

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    As above but what is current limit, income level and other debt levels?

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    As ZX81 suggests, the credit history (and score for what it's worth) is only part of the equation.

    If you always pay it off in full some lenders may see they don't make money off you so no benefit to them to increase your limit. I don't think this is often the case, but it's the lenders prerogative I'd have though.

    Your credit history doesn't include salary for example, so maybe there's a query over affordability?

    Who knows really.


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