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    Capquest and Warrant of Control

    A bit of back story: I was made redundant a while ago and fell into debt. I stupidly buried my head in the sand when the initial CCJ turned up and now I've recieved a Notice of Issue of Warrant of Control from the county court for a debt of 886.73 that Capquest had purchased from a credit card company. I already have around 3,800 worth of other debts (personal loans, credit cards and catalogues) and I'm currently unemployed and studying with the OU and have no income other than my partner's wages.

    I have absolutely zero income and so I emailed the bailiffs on the address they provided offering to pay 10 per week, but I've heard nothing back. I've filled in a N245 form to send off to the county court to see if I can pay back in insallments, but I need advice on what to do in the meantime with the bailiffs. Is it worth ringing them to see if they'll accept the payment plan or should I wait for the results of the N245?

    They attached this to the warrant: imgur(dot)com/a/KHvCN

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    I'd suggest you focus on the court's response to your N245 whilst also heeding the following:

    County court bailiffs cannot enter your home by force. Should you get any visits, please ensure you do not let them in. If you own a vehicle, it's wise to park it out of sight. There's not much point in offering these bailiffs 10/week, especially as you don't have any income with which to support this.

    Have you taken any advice on dealing with the debts as a whole? It will serve you a lot better than a reactive approach. There are a couple of debt solutions in particular that might help you here - administration orders and Debt Relief Orders:

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    Thank you very much for the advice. I've already considered a DRO as my circumstances are unlikely to change for the forseeable future. I'm more than willing to pay creditors, I just lack the means at the moment.

    I'll give natdebtline a ring next week to get the ball rolling.

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    Best to keep it away from the property for now, if it was seized you/she would have to prove ownership, a log book does not prove ownership.


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