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    SAYE Shares into SIPP

    I have been part of my works Sharesave and SAYE for over 15 years now as a way of lowering my tax bill.

    I don't really need this cash at the moment, and I wondered if I could do an "in Specie" transfer of some of these shares to my personal SIPP.

    These shares are bought before tax and NI and I have found lots of information on transferring shares to an ISA but not much information on transferring shares to my SIPP.

    I just wondered if I could claim tax back as well?

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    You do not say anything about your investments or the company you work for but many people with share save schemes end up without a diversified portfolio. 20 years ago buying shares in blue chip companies like Tesco or Royal Bank of Scotland would have appeared a good idea. You may well have diversified but if not then you should think about having too many eggs in the one basket.

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    I work for Rolls-Royce so a FTSE 100 company.

    I have a portfolio in my SIPP which I am happy with. My idea was to minimise the amount of tax and NI I am paying. I wasn't sure if you could transfer in specie and get the 20% tax benefit as well.

    Also, if I was to transfer these shares into my SIPP I am presuming I can sell the shares if I want to rebalance.

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    I would imagine so if the pension provider permits it. You can certainly transfer commercial property into a SIPP in-specie and get tax relief.
    Subject to the usual contribution restrictions of course.


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