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    Best Offset Mortgages

    My mortgage deal is coming to an end soon so I thought I would move to an offset mortgages as me and my wife have quite a lot of savings that are not earning a great deal.
    I am looking at 100k mortgage over 20 years - our property is worth 225k. We have approx 80k of savings.
    I bank with Santander at the minute.

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    I am hoping (in theory) that this will be the last mortgage deal I have to do and I stay with this offset until my mortgage is paid off. I hate the fact every 3 years or so changing deals, as I think I cant change jobs so I feel trapped because of my mortgage - some mortgage providers wont give you a mortgage if you have not been with the company long.
    Just wondering who the best provider is out there.

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    Lifetime tracker offset are thin on the ground.

    If you just picked a lender that has decent retention deals you don't need to worry about changing jobs.

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    If you are offsetting 80k of 100k mortgage in reality you will only be paying interest on 20k, so having a slightly higher interest rate isn't so important. Also, this is how ours works, your payment calculations are based on not offsetting, so you will pay it down relatively quickly.


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