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    Trying to get a loan!

    I've got myself into a bad place financially and really need to get a loan of around 500. The only problem is i don't know where to go and who to trust so i could really use some help! All the major banks only seem to go for loans with a minimum of 1000 or won't give me one because i'm a student. So, have any of you borrowed money before? where from?

    This wasn't me being stupid with money by the way... my dad was seriously ill in hospital for three months so i had car park fees and petrol to get there everyday and now he is home im his full time carer so lost my job..

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    Do you have a student bank account?

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    Can you get carers allowance?

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    Carers allowance is 62.10 per week. Your dad can also get PIP. This ranges from 55.10 upwards.

    If you really wish to get a Loan I would try Zopa. Its a peer to peer loan system and thus the rates are fairly good. A friend used them 5 months ago for a loan of 10k to mimic what I do as a profession

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    Have you considered a credit card with a low APR rate ?
    Unfortunately , I doubt any bank will give you a loan of 500. Companies like wonga have terribly High Rates of interest that could potentially cause you bad debt so best to avoid them too.

    Companies such as co op bank and Nationwide currently have a low APR Credit card
    Or there is also the chance of increasing your overdraft.
    Like someone has said , have you considered applying for carers allowance?

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    The OP would only get carers allowance if her father was already claiming PIP, disability allowance or attendance allowance, (if he's over 65) she also can't be in full time education and no-one else can be claiming carers allowance for him.


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