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    Want to return a laptop (bought 3 months ago)

    Bought from ebuyer.

    Originally meant as a christmas present. Due to some reason, I ended up keeping it. I didn't bother to return it as my own laptop needs replacing eventually anyway. However I started a new job recently and I was given a laptop to keep (as a welcome gift). It should last me a good few years, so now I don't need the laptop I bought.

    Do I have any hope get a refund? Please note, the laptop I bought has never been opened. It's just been sitting on my shelf collecting dust in the 3 months since I bought it.

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    Not sure if you'll get a refund but you might get a store credit voucher.

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    Collecting dust in its original packaging/unopened box or actual laptop collecting dust?

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    Your first step is to check online to see if that particular make and model is still stocked and how much they are selling for.

    You're way beyond reasonable time to change your mind though.

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    I tried to send my three year old vacuum cleaner back on the grounds that it was just collecting dust.


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