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    For those still living with Knee pain

    and not done replacements/surgery. I would think mostly the issue is you have a warm or hot knee? I don't recall my knee being warm before the infection hit me. During the infection, the knee was so hot and the more I did PT etc the more swollen and hot it would become.

    Two months of abx drugs the MD says they "think" the infection is cured. My knee is still a bit warm. Compared to my other knee, it is warm.

    I can't help but wonder if the infection is still in there some. I don't have the energy etc to try to find out right now. I know the ortho surgeon, if and when I go to him will want no infection to be in the knee.

    Knee issues are normally pain, stiffness, swelling, warm/hot knee, even redness.

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    No, my knee is not red, and not hot or warm. It does sound as if you might still have infection in the knee.

    I'm the one with bone rubbing on bone with zero cartilage - but the knee is not red and not warm.

    When I had a cellulitis infection on my shin (leg) it was, indeed, red and very warm.

    Are you still taking antibiotics?

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    No I'm off abx drugs over a month after taking them for 2 months.

    I supposed it could be warm and not be infected. I know inflammation and lots of grinding and swollen compared to other knee.

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    I have torn meniscus both knees. Pain comes and goes. Some Doctors tell me to get it fixed and others leave it alone. I'm worried that it may get worse as I get older.

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    Joints usually get worse with aging. Hard to say about you. Some of these do heal on their own.


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