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    What do I do in current climate?

    Baillie Gifford Japanese
    Vanguard LS 80
    Vanguard FTSE developed Europe ex UK
    HSBC American Index
    Old Mutual UK mid cap

    Open to suggestions on what to do with above in the current climate /correction?

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    If you’re UK based and have a decent time horizon maybe start buying an unloved UK IT - something like DIG. And maybe a REIT too: if you like yield RGL and AEWU are right little ATMs....

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    Probably should of mentioned new to investing currently putting 200 in to each of these through an ISA, I'm obviously UK resident based on that. Due to being new could anyone responding please use the full names of funds etc rather than acronyms, saves me looking around for the fund/IT while reading a post, thanks!

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    How much of your CGT-free gain (out-of-ISA, out-of-SIPP) have you realised for the current tax year?

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    Codes only from me, I’m afraid. I figure that if anyone is interested in my ramblings then they can look them up themselves if they’re not familiar...

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    For me, the US and EM and the most important regions to own (the US because it's got the best companies, and EM because it's got the highest growth and best valuations)


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