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    I am a member of Xercise 4 Less and I received a letter from Harlands on 17 July regarding a non-payment of 11.99. The bank had advised Harlands Services they were insufficent funds in the account to pay the amount due.

    They're expected to attempt to debit my account on the 27 July for a total of 36.99, but I changed the date to 1st August to give me extra time to dispute.

    Instalment Amount 11.99
    Administration Charge 25.00
    Total Submission 36.99

    I feel this is unreasonable, as I made a submission to Xercise 4 Less to terminate my contract on medical grounds by giving 30 days notice. This is set to be the case on 14 August 2017.

    I politely requested them to remove the above charges of 25 through 'Resolver', and pay the original amount of 11.99 but they were unable to unless they got authorisation from X4L Head Office.

    Has anyone had any dealings with Harlands, because all I have read on the Internet is customers having bad experiences with them.

    Any help would be grateful because I don't know where that figure of 25 came from, maybe it was pulled from the sky .

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    I wish I could offer you good news, but I don't think I will be able to. I'm going through the same problem, but a couple of months further down the line. Like you I think the charges are totally unfair and unreasonable.

    My situation is that I defaulted on my membership in May due to insufficient funds - I had a change in circumstances and had to significantly drop my hours at work due to ill health. I now don't earn enough to pay bills, food and petrol, never mind a gym membership. Anyway what was 9.99, is now over 170, and it has taken less than 3 months to get to that level.

    The situation at the moment is that I'm refusing to pay the charges, and they are refusing to drop the charges. We are at an impasse.

    They haven't cancelled the membership because the account is in default.

    The 25 is detailed in their terms and conditions. In my case the T&Cs were attached to the welcome email. You have to dig around for them as they are embedded in the blurb about direct debits - to me this is a bit dodgy as they can been easily missed and in my case, they were. Another thing is that there is nothing to say I have seen them or acknowledge them. I certainly haven't signed anything agreeing to them.

    As charges keep getting added rather than sort it out, I've lodged a complaint with X4L and sent an Account in Dispute letter to Harlands/Credit Resolution Services (CRS) for them to cease debt collection whilst the complaint is being handled. CRS have already ignored the Account in Dispute letter and bunged another charge on. I'm feeling harassed by them.

    I also feel like they are using me as a cash cow. There is no incentive for them to sort the situation out, because all they will do is add another charge. It's difficult dealing with X4L and Harlands as they each abdicate responsibility to the other.

    All I can do for you is to keep you updated on how it pans out.

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    I have received a letter from Harlands. I contacted them today saying my letter stating "If I do not call you by 14 Sept you will be charged an admin fee". This is because the bank has instructed them that my Direct Debit instruction has been cancelled.

    X4L told me to cancel on the 14 August 2017, so I did yet am receiving letters like this, threatening to charge me fees when I don't wish to a member of my local club any longer.

    When contacting Harlands they bizarrely had no record or emails to say my cancellation request has been accepted, even though I filled out the membership cancellation form out myself on the X4L site saying I have a medical condition with attached evidence. This shows they're just money grabbing in all their glory, in my eyes.

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    I'm sorry for the long post , but I'm adding my experience with Xercise4less and Harlands in case it is helpful to anyone else. I quite liked the gym - but their attempts to profit out of people not sticking to a strict administrative procedure, when the failure of a customer to do so does not seem to have any negative impact on them, is unreasonable and arguably illegal. This is my exchange of emails with them - over about a week in late March 2018.

    I was very relieved and kind of grateful that xercise4less withdrew the penalities and charges - but there's a lot to suggest that it wasn't particularly an 'act of goodwill'.


    Dear Sir or Madame

    Membership number: ********

    I have been advised to contact you by the membership support line.

    By January this year I had not attended the gym for some time due to an injury. Given the chronic nature of the injury I reluctantly came to the decision to cancel my membership.

    Unfortunately I made the mistake of cancelling my direct debit without properly cancelling my membership. I had intended to follow this up but forgot about it. I then received on the 13th March a letter from Credit Resolution Services stating an outstanding balance of 104.97.

    This was the first I heard that there was a problem. Unfortunately I had changed mobile number some time ago and so did not receive text messages - if these were sent - and again i accept that I am at fault for not updating my contact details. But as far as I am aware I did not receive a letter from Harlands.

    This is an amount that would be difficult for me at the moment to afford - as would the 54 that was offered when i phoned the membership support line. Additionally, given that i acted in good faith, and that i generally kept my account in good order during the course of my membership, and that I had not attended the gym for some time prior to my cancellation of my direct debit, and did not use the service at all afterwards, I would be very grateful if you would consider wavering this penalty.

    Best wishes


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