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    Default on credit report 6 years later

    I have just checked my credit report and a default was added in July 2017 from a company called Motormile Finance who I believe are debt collectors.

    This seems to be referring to a loan from May 2011 and is for 126 - Advance against Income (Payday Loan).

    I don't know who the original lender is and whilst I am willing to settle up, it seems a little harsh to apply a default over 6 years from when the account was opened.

    Is there anything I can do to get this removed at all? I check my report regularly and it's never shown before, it's disappointing that this is now going to sit there for another 6 years

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    It says the default date was the 30th January 2017

    It seems to give an old address, one I moved from 5 years ago - I've not heard anything about this and I've moved twice from the address the default is registered at, but I am on the electoral role so wouldn't be hard to track down. I would have paid this had I been informed about it

    Is there anything I can do - could I contact them and ask them to remove it as I was unaware of it?

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    Thinking about this and reading a few things online - I have never had a notice of assignment from this company - I've never heard of them and they have never served me with a default notice.

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    I'm really hacked off that this has crept up on me - I've worked so hard the last 6 years to clear my credit report after an awful period with payday loans and I am 2 months away from being completely clear - then this hits me. I was so sure I had cleared all of these debts up :-(


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