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    Help! Lost PIN for BA (Mastercard) compensation card

    I was given 125 pre-paid card by BA as compensation for a flight change. It's issued by Mastercard.

    I managed to damage the paper listing the PIN (don't ask how - I'm an idiot) and BA state that lost PINs will not be reissued. What they do say is that "the card may still be able to be used at some merchants who accept mag stripe cards".

    But so far the mission has totally failed. I've tried restaurants, M&S and Selfridges (because they have a lot of foreign customers and might be familiar with mag stripe payments). No luck. The chip and pin machine simply won't let you override the demand for a PIN, so switching to signature verification is not possible.

    I've also tried online retailers (Tesco, Amazon, Ebuyer) and all attempts have failed because an address is required (which a pre-paid card does not have).

    Have I thrown 125 down the toilet? Do you know of any online or physical retailers who might not be affected by the above problems? I'd be really grateful to know - I'm kicking myself!

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    Have you actually asked if they'll reissue the pin or are you going off the T&Cs? Have a crack with BA first and then go to tourist areas.

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    You can investigate this...

    If the self checkout at my local Tesco can't detect a chip on a card, it asks you to reinsert your card twice - then it gives up and asks you to swipe and sign instead.

    So you could try inserting your card upside down 3 times, and see if it then asks you to swipe and sign.

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    Can you use it with BA to buy a flight?

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    Use it to spend online instead. Amazon don't even ask for the numbers off the signature strip.


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