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    Lowell- written off I think!

    About 4 years ago I got into debt due to being made redundant and subsequent ill health which I have never fully recovered from. At the time I stupidly buried my head in the sand and hoped it would go away. A few months ago I was finally able to look at the extent of my debt and trying to deal with it. A lot of my debts were purchased by lowell and registered in there name on my credit report. I came on here for advice and used the template letters asking that they prove the debts. After a couple of further letters, out of the blue, I received letters from Lowell about 4 accounts saying the following -

    !!!8220;We have noted your request for documentation under Section 77-79 of,the Consumer Credit Act 1974; please find enclosed the copy statements that we hold for the accounts in question.
    Please note that the duty to supply documentation under Section 77-79 of the Act does not apply to accounts under which no sum is, or will, or may become payable by the debtor. Therefore it would not apply where the balance has been written off; as is the case with the above accounts.!!!8221;

    Firstly the documentation they!!!8217;ve sent is a bad copy of a standard credit agreement which could be for anyone and no signatures appear anywhere. That aside does their letter mean that the debt really has been written off? I keep looking at it as it!!!8217;s there in black and white but too,afraid to actually believe it as these 4 accounts total 3,000. Each debt is listed at the top of their letter and under the heading of balance is 0.00.

    I!!!8217;m not sure what I should do next. This letter is dated January 2018. I!!!8217;ve left it for a few months to see if my credit report would,be updated but I!!!8217;ve checked my report and it still shows,the full debt amount registered in Lowell!!!8217;s name.

    Any advice as to what I do next please? Do I write to Lowell asking them to update/remove the entry or do,I contact the credit reference company showing them a copy of my letter?

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    They will of written them off due to not been able to supply credit agreements i expect.

    Downside is they can still report on your credit file though.

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    Thank you for your reply. Ok, I appreciate they may still report on my credit file but the letter from them shows zero balance on each account. Can I at the very least get my report updated how this zero balance?

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    Its difficult, you see the debt, in law, still exists.

    Lack of a valid credit agreement only means they cant use legal means to make you pay. In all other resoects the debt remains payable .

    So really you are lucky they have said they will write the debt off.

    You can always write and ask them to change it though.


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