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    ISA providers that allow In Specie transfers?

    Ive recently had a Sharesave with my former employer mature. Paid in c.10k with shares now worth around 18k. I’ve read that a facility exists, known as “In specie”, whereby within 90 days of a Sharesave maturing, I can move the shares without having to sell then re-buy them back and so stay invested. Does anybody know of or can recommend an ISA provider that allows In specie transfers from a Sharesave so that I can also protect dividends and Captial Gains from tax?

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    You have not made enough profit on them to incur CGT - unless they are not your only Gains this year.

    1st question- if you had 18k in your bank would you think !!!8220;I want to spend it all on those particular shares!!!8221;. For many people the answer would be no and you would be better off selling them and using the money to open an ISA and buy something more appropriate like a diversified multi asset fund.

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    iWeb owned by Halifax supports this and have an attractive ISA fee structure for a long term static investment. You would open the ISA account first then complete the online (or below paper) form to start the transfer.

    ps. I would also look to diversify as holding shares in a single company is extremely high risk.


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    MallyGirl – I already have this years CGT allowance targeted for shares I cant shelter from tax so Im still keen on an In Specie transfer.
    Additionally, I know 18k shares in a single company is high risk but these have historically been good to me, continue to provide great dividend income and as they only represent c.10% of my portfolio, which is otherwise pretty low risk passive funds, I’m happy to run the risk for now.

    Alexland – As above re the risk, but many thanks for the pointer to iWeb and the link to the pdf.

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    AJ Bell YouInvest or Hargreaves Lansdown, they both can facilitate an in specie from your sharesave.


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