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    Making chicken feed of my mortgage


    After reading lots of inspirational MFW diaries I have decided to start one of my own as a record of my progress and to keep me motivated.

    When we relocated to our current house 4.5 years ago we gained a bedroom but more than doubled our mortgage
    Luckily Mr MWC had a very generous 4-year relocation package and even luckier it was paid out in full when he was made redundant 6 months later…

    A little about the mortgage…

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    We have been paying 134/month into a S&S ISA for the past 10 years to pay off the capital on the interest only mortgage - fingers crossed. Note to self: check performance of S&S ISA.

    We made our first OP of 2,750 to the FA last November and this year we have OP’d the equivalent of paying the FA twice a month, every month

    A little about me…

    41 years old
    0 children
    7 chickens
    Work FT in a job that bores me to tears but pays well and allows me to finish at lunchtime on Fridays

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    Good luck on becoming MF!

    (I'm still a Mortgage Wannabe - saving for the deposit!)

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    Thanks for the good luck messages Domino and BookWorm.

    Today I have:

    Walked into town
    Opened a Loyalty Saver a/c at the BS ("disputing" how longer I have been a member - they say 14 years, I say 25+ years!)
    Bought cheap mealworms and sunflower seeds for the chickens
    Done 2 loads of laundry
    Made spiced crab apple jelly for my Christmas hampers
    Made chocolate brownies
    Spent an hour pottering in the garden - picked yellow baby plum tomatoes and raspberries
    Cleaned the conservatory
    Shined my sink


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