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    Go into debt, for the sake of my credit rating?

    I don't have any debts. I got myself a credit card a couple of years ago (I've never had one because I've always lived debt free), just because I thought I better build a credit history. I use the card on a fairly regular basis and pay it off more or less the same day as I use it, and often deposit money into the account in advance. So I never actually go into debt. But would it be better for my credit history if I actually had a bit of debt on the card, and paid the minimal fee off every month?

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    Absolutely not.

    It will demonstrate you spend beyond your means and are a higher risk customer.

    Always clear in full unless you have a 0% promo.

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    Paying the balance off before the statement is issued makes it seem like the card isn!!!8217;t being used.

    Also topping it up will be against the terms of use and could lead to the account being suspended and closed.

    You don!!!8217;t have a credit rating to effect, only credit history

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    You'd be better off doing your usual spending and wait for a statement to be generated then pay the statement balance off in full once a month rather than paying it off after every transaction as it will show little/no credit ultilisation. Plus it will save you a bit of time manually paying the card off several times a month.

    As zx81 says, don't leave an outstanding balance costing ~20% APR on a credit card for the sake of building a credit history.


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