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    Pension SIPP investment


    I have a 250k pot invested in a collective retirement account with Old Mutual Wealth.

    I'd like to self manage through a SIPP, I think Interactive Investor is a good option. Any users here? Percentage split-wise what type of invests vehicles have you used within a SIPP?

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    It depends very much on your own risk tolerance and age until retirement. In general, in a SIPP people find a split between bonds and equities that suits them. Personally I am 100% equities as volatility doesn't bother me, and i prefer the long term expected higher returns of equities. I also do some level of allocation within equities (regional mostly), but not everyone worries about such things.

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    I use Halifax Share Dealing who are a fixed 180 per year entirely deducted from the SIPP balance so I just add 12 per month by direct debit and the government adds 3 per month. I hold a six figure HSBC Global Strategy mixed asset fund (having previously held Vanguard LifeStrategy) and the total platform and fund manager OCF costs around 0.3% pa.

    It would cost 2 per month extra if I was making regular investments but I do that via my workplace scheme.

    However like Prism I am considering going 100% equities in my SIPP switching to the lower cost L&G International fund - but I would increase the UK equities and bond proportion in my workplace scheme to retain broadly the same ratios. It would save me around 100 per year in fees across the two pensions but with any change there is the risk of having days out the market.

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    A variety. At the moment (give or take rounding)

    Investment trusts, REITs or other closed-ended investment companies: 57%
    "Funds" (OEICs, UTs, PAIFs): 9%
    ETFs (or ETPs) 11%
    Individual company ordinary shares 14%
    Individual entity preference shares or bonds 10%

    I use AJ Bell's Youivest ; it's not my entire pension as I have a workplace one for an employer I've been with for a long time and can't move to my SIPP without coming out of the scheme and starting it up again which would cost me some employer contribution while doing that.

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    Most people don't actually need the flexibility of a SIPP and wouldn't use as many types of investment vehicles as I do, so it's worth being aware that many personal pensions can give you the choice of what to invest in across a "broad enough" range of funds - the traditional 'personal pension' from an insurance company with full FSCS protection. The choice isn't only: collectively managed account with a few choices, vs full SIPP. But the DIY market does tend to favour SIPPs as they are relatively cheap for the fund supermarket providers to operate.


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