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    Local council pension - Transferring out

    A friend of mine has a very small deferred pension worth around 280 a year with a local council she left about 15 years ago.

    Is it allowable to transfer out of a local government scheme such as this?

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    Yes, though a trivial commutation (if/once the friend is 55 or above) may be another option for similar effect:

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    OP's friend left before 2014, so won't normally be able to access her benefits - as a pension or trivial commutation - until she is 60.

    Is the 280 a year a current quote, or was it taken from her deferred benefit statement as at her date of leaving?

    Hyubh - looks like the Cornwall leaflet is for current scheme members rather than deferred. It isn't very well written, though - the bit about a man with pre 1997 service not being able to take a trivial commutation before age 65 is because a trivial commutation cannot be taken before GMP age. Similarly, unless things have changed recently, a woman with with pre 1997 service/GMP can't trivial commute before age 60, regardless of her date of leaving.

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