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    Can't get a credit rating ???

    I'm struggling here as my son needs to have a guarantor for a new flat he wants to rent for his 3rd year at university. We had a similar problem for our eldest a year or two back and I had to sort it out with the letting agent personally so they would accept her tenancy. The kids are both students at different universities and letting from private landlords through agents.

    The agent requires various ID, bank and employer and salary details and our credit score. I didn't know what a credit score was until we had to act as guarantors two years ago for the eldest and nothing worked then. I fill in all the details, name, email, age, dob, etc etc and they come back blank and give us a 'can't give you a rating.' The current agents won't accept this because they have never seen it before and they have no box they can tick on their computer to OK us as guarantors. It would appear that because we have never taken out bank or other loans, have no credit card debt and no mortgage we appear invisible if you need a credit score. Can anyone suggest a solution if the estate agent can't get their head round this?

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    Why would the agent require your credit score.
    The agent requires your credit report, there's a difference. Maybe watch Martins show from last week.

    So you don't have a bank account ?
    Not a mobile phone contract ?

    Are you on the electoral roll ?

    Who have you tried to get your credit report from ?

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    What is the difference between a credit score and a credit report ... clueless. We have a bank account and mobile phone contracts and always vote. Who provides a credit report?


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