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    transferred balances with new cards

    I hope i'm in the correct place.
    First of all, i'm in debt of about 11,000 on 3 credit cards.
    1 is 2,300
    2.nd is 4,300
    3rd is 4,390
    Silly thing to do, but i had no choice.

    they started charging me interest now, as it was 0% of over 14 months.
    I'm new to this stuff, so i want to get 3 separate cards to make a balance tranfer.
    I went onto another site and got a credit card with Barclaycard Platinum,

    Don't 100% know all the meaning, but learning.
    Lowest cost
    Cost to you: 23
    Debt repaid in: 33 months

    Interest free period
    0% 30 months
    balance transfer offer
    Then 19.9%

    0.55% fee
    on transferred

    Representative APR
    19.9% APR variable

    They gave me 3800 on the Barclaycard.
    I want to pay most of it from The Barclaycard to the nationwide card, that has 4.300 left to pay.

    1, i have no idea how i do this, do i do this from the Barclaycards online account, and tranfer it from there to the nationwide card? i don't 100% understand what i do..

    also, shall i get 2 extras cards to do the same process.
    Like i said, i'm clueless to this kind of stuff.

    Be Grateful for someones help.

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    Ok thanks,

    I'll delete it.


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