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    Bosch washing machine cycles not working.

    This morning, I found my machine which was on a warm wash had all sorts of strange symbols on the screen. Also, although it was obviously half way through a rinse, it said it only had a minute left. It's also making a grinding noise. It won't drain or spin . Domestic & General won't come out until we've drained the entire WM through the filter, checked for a blockage & left it turned off for 2 hours , to see if the timings reset .is this reasonable ?

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    These make sense. If you don't drain it the the repair man will have to do it. You might find something in the filter that will give you a clue to what the problem is.

    No one is going to come out today so leaving it switched off for a few hours will make no difference to you.

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    Good luck with domestic & general, i've had dealings with them in the past & ended up making an official complaint about there general incompetence.

    I wont have anything to do with them now.


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