When I moved back to Tennessee from Indiana, I figured I’d spend more time outside. I like hiking, some mountain biking, occasionally fish, etc. it’s not the biggest thing in my life, but it’s important.

I’ve probably spent less time outside since I moved back than before. I’m on-call one weekend a month. That limits me. I work 8-5. This time of year, the short days keep me from doing much outside after work. It’s been well below normal most days since December.

I work in a cubicle overlooking a K-Mart parking lot. A cube here is a cube anywhere. I really don’t even see the mountains much except briefly on my commute home. I rarely get to go to the lake.

If I was retired, I could live closer to the mountains, hike and boat more, etc. I can’t really take advantage of many of the areas natural amenities working 8-5 inside of a cube.