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    Would you say flat roof homes are most common in the US?

    And if so, what would be the reason? I live in Europe and we have majority pitched and slope roofs here. I am assuming it's mostly because the weather. For e.g. in places like California, Arizona etc, is flat roofing more common because there is very little rain as opposed to elsewhere, or does weather have very little to do with roofing style?

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    I live in Florida and almost all homes here have pitched roofs. Flat roofs are common on commercial buildings.

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    IMO, pitched roofs are generally more common in the US.

    Weather does have a lot do with roof style. A flat roof in a region that gets a lot of snowfall would be disastrous.

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    the vast majority of homes in the US have pitched roofs, and primarily asphalt shingles.

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    Pitched roofs are the most common type of roof, by far, in the vast majority of the US. In the Southwestern US, however, flat roofs are common (though pitched tile roofs are very common in those states as well). Flat roofs tend to do well in the SW because of the dryer climate, and the relative lack of snow makes a pitched roof unnecessary, but those markets are not representative of the rest of the US.


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