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    Up until recently, Fidelity offered the option of a 'phased ISA' investment. I would fully fund my ISA and over a period of 6 months they would drip feed the funds automatically into my selected funds. Apparently they no longer offer this. Any idea which ISA platform does?

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    Charles Stanley Direct will do this, as I suspect will others. But most offer some sort of monthly savings plan where they will take money from your bank account, usually by direct debit. Why would you want your cash sitting in their account when it could be earning interest in yours?

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    An obscure but feasible answer is that you are departing the UK to spend a tax year abroad and are going to be considered non resident from a particular date, so you need to get your money into your ISA while you can still say you are a UK tax resident, but actually you don't want the exposure to invest assets on all of that money right now and would prefer to drip feed it from cash to investments, within the ISA wrapper.

    Or you have limited self control so don't want the money in your personal cash accounts where you might 'accidentally' dip into them.

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    I have an ISA at Youinvest, and like a number of other providers their "regular investing" function which buys a certain £amount of your specified investments on the 10th of each month, can be set independently of any direct debit or payments into the account. So you could put £20k in at the beginning and buy £1600-odd of Investments each month while the large cash balance falls over the course of the year.

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    It is impossible to time the market. 'Phased' investment takes out the human factor. Interests rates are low as it is. If I take out a monthly savings plan over 6 months, I will need to remember to transfer £2000 into my current account each month. 'High' interest instant access savings accounts don't generally allow regular transfers to be set up.


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